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About Us

Striving for Wellness

In 2016 Dr. Cory Kopas moved to Abilene, Texas  and took over Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic with a big dream...


In 2018 Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic became Big Country Family Chiropractic and now provides a place for families to proactively improve their health.

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, the chiropractic care at Big Country Family Chiropractic emphasizes the importance of improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Given the option, most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible, and chiropractic care can help those people achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Relief Care

The most common reason adults visit us is because they are experiencing pain. In the first phase of care, our goal is to relieve that pain/symptoms. People may assume that because they aren't in any pain, there isn't anything wrong. But we've learned that that is simply not the case. Pain, in chronic conditions, appear after things have become more advanced. For instance: cavities, heart disease, cancer, stress, usually have pain develop last. When you start chiropractic care, pain is usually the first symptom to disappear, but the underlying conditions remain.

Restorative Care

With chiropractic care, especially care provided at BCFC, our eyes are laser focused to dive deeper and find the neurological CAUSE of those symptoms and remove it. We have done an extensive CSI-like investigation into your history and neurological scans to find possible CAUSES of that neurological irritation/stress. Our goal and focus in this phase of care is removing neurological irritation and restoring the optimal neurological functioning to your system!

Each and every chiropractic adjustment acts as a catalyst for the body to heal and regain normal functioning. The nervous system learns through repetition. It is not one adjustment that will miraculously remove all irritation but instead it is the summation of all the adjustments working together that allows for restoration of normal neurological functioning and this process requires time.

Wellness Care

The goal here is to ensure the nervous system continues to function optimally. Scientists are discovering more and more the effects that stress have on the body. This phase of care is focused on the body being able to adapt to the stresses of chemical, physical, and emotional "toxins". 

Providing the Best Team for the Best Care

Ms. Hannah

Ms. Hannah

Hannah is a Care Advocate here at Big Country Family Chiropractic. You will not meet anyone with more joy radiating from her welcoming smile! Full of kindness and encouragement, she says her favorite part of being on the BCFC team is "seeing and being a part of making miracles happen."

When Hannah is not in the office, you could find her studying for her major in Biology, working out, or loving on her 2 cats.

Cory Kopas

Dr. Cory Kopas

Dr. Cory Kopas is armed with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic, as well as his Certification in Webster Technique and two Bachelor's degrees in Life Science and Exercise Science.


This devoted husband, father of three is also a Pediatric Experience Chiropractor and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Texas Chiropractic Association.

Meet the man behind the practice, here!


Ms. Angie

Angie is the Brand Manager here at Big Country Family Chiropractic. She has been involved with the chiropractic field for 12 years. With a now unwavering passion for chiropractic she says her favorite part of being on the BCFC team is "seeing the impact and ripple effects within families."

When Angie is not in the office, you could find her volunteering in her 3 kids' school classrooms, cross-stitching, participating in a hot yoga session, or cooking up something yummy in the kitchen.

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