New Patients

Welcome to Big Country Family Chiropractic! We are honored that you are considering a visit to us. By reading below you can learn what to expect in your upcoming visits. Then, contact us when you're ready. We're excited to meet you!

Prior to your first appointment, we ask that you fill out the New Patient Paperwork in full. It is extensive, but know that the more information that we know, the more we can help. Please take your time and give as much detail as you see fit. If you are unable to complete this portion of the paperwork before your visit, please allow at least 15 minutes to fill it out at the office.

Your First Visit

When you arrive you will be warmly greeted by Ms.Sarah. Shewill give you some additional paperwork to sign and review with you what to expect at your visit. After a quick tour of the office you will settle in the consultation room, which is where you will first meet with Dr. Cory.


First, Dr. Cory will go over an extensive health history with you and discuss any current or past health challenges, if any. Second, we will spend time discussing how wellness chiropractic works and how things work at Big Country Family Chiropractic.

We do not want you to move forward without knowing what we expect of you, just as you want to know what to expect of us. Remember, our primary goal is to help you, so the more we know, the more we can help!


Moving forward, we will head to the exam room, where Dr. Cory will complete a comprehensive examination. This is very thorough, but allows us to see exactly where your challenges come from. We perform x-rays (if needed) and a computerized exam which measures the amount of stress on the central nervous system. To read more about this state of the art technology, click here.

The goal of your first visit is to evaluate your spine and nervous system, determine how well your body is functioning, and find where the stress is that will need to be addressed.

Next Steps

Dr. Cory will then go over all the information collected and put together a specific care plan for you.

Report of Findings

At your second visit, you will again be greeted by our staff and checked in. They will lead you to the adjusting room where Dr. Cory will go over the results of your examination and he will present the care plan he put together for you. This is also a time where you can ask any questions you have.

Reviewing Your Scans Together

Dr. Cory will explain the results of the scans that were performed. The scans have 2-3 components depending on what was done, and each will be explained and related to your specific condition or challenge. This is the most important piece as you will be re-scanned on a very specific schedule in order to track and document your functional improvements.


It is very important to us that you have a good understanding of what is going on with your spine and central nervous system, so please ask questions as we go. There is always time for us to answer questions. 


When questions are complete, you will move back to the consultation room, where our Care Coordinator will go over financial options. After you chose one and get set up, you will come back to the adjusting room for your first adjustment.

You will have more frequent visits in the beginning of your care. At each visit you will be greeted by our front desk and sign in. 

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